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You don’t like soccer, do you ?

Well, this French referee is just like you, he doesn’t even know the rules !
Dressed in a pair of shorts and a tailcoat, the character is reaching the height of absurdity. As a skilled speaker, he will desperately try to convince the audience that you can play soccer like you play Basket-ball !

The clumsy seducer, real liar and original fake referee will turn into an American stuntman riding a made-in-China bicycle ! When state-of-the art juggling meets a master of comedy better results than all your antidepressants combined !



Inspired by major popular events in the United Sates, Mr Bryce dreams of filling the giant stadium as The Rolling Stones can do !

Dressed like the Uncle Sam, the character’s got the gib for the gab. Problem : his Las Vegas dream performance will turn into a desperate cheap show.

Rhinestones and sequins at discount but high level art of juggling and hilarious acrobatics stunts on unicycle.

This funny and mouthy showman is the king of the bluff !

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