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Born in famous circus family PEZON, three tamers generations. On the mother’s side : famous stage actors and cinema too.

A born showman and expert in both comedy and juggling. Brice has been inspired from his 14 years old by Handy With balls, professional street performer.

Years later he enters the National Circus School Annie Fratellini in Paris and studies acrobatics, dance, unicycle and especially juggling with famous Italo Medini, international  star juggler. The formation continues in Italo Medini’s high school circus in Fontenay-sous-Bois near Paris.

Rich in many experiences, Brice creates his show in 2007. A mix with circus, street theater, comedy and improvisation.


A new breath, time for a new  character and some new jokes. Highlight performances, the fake referee turns into a wacky American dream.

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